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Since 2001 I have produced my wines from grapes, growing on the volcanic based brinks of Gyöngyössolymos with an excellent southern exposure. The town is lying in the heart of the Mátra wine region, the largest historical and mountain wine region in Hungary. Besides my studies, over the years I was experimenting with species and brinks and finally these experiments led to the birth of my wine selection which consists of six wines, faithfully reflecting the uniqueness and diversity of the wine region.  

In 2004, after a newspaper article about me went public I became known as ‘the youngest oenologist of the country’. The reason behind it was that at the age of 19 I was already trying to conduct microvinification experiments with my own grapes and grapes purchased from acquaintances. Later on all of this became known as ‘Babiczki Wines’.

Within the framework of study tours I visited several wine regions in France, Italy, Germany and last but not least in Hungary, in order to improve my knowledge based on the experiences of colleagues working in these wine regions. 

 I am very grateful for having been grown up in a family which supports me in every aspect of my life. My mother ensures that everything goes smoothly in the everyday life of the family and my father, being a diligent farmer, helps me cultivate our own vineyard sites. My godparents, being my employers and professional partners, give me the opportunity to make my wine selection—consisting of the wines produced in their wine cellar and named after me—available for everyone. 

László Babiczki

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